Gambling On A Budget

Free games can be fun to play, especially if you’re testing out new strategies or maybe even learning a new table game. Still, all the monopoly money in the world can’t buy a Big Mac.

For people who want the thrill that real winnings bring, but don’t feel like cutting large chunks out of the checking account, I’ve found some places that offer excellent games with reasonable bet/coin sizes. Of course you won’t retire on your winnings, but they are REAL, and you can certainly spend them.


Gambling On A Budget

The basic table game. Microgaming casinos usually require $2 bets on their Blackjack tables, and so do many others. RealTime Gaming casinos often require a $5 minimum bet. That’s a bummer because I love their Blackjack, but the table limits and my bankroll don’t always see eye-to-eye. Here’s where you can find a good game for cheap:

Golden Reef offers microgaming blackjack games, at 50¢ a hand.

Global Player has a $1 Blackjack table, and offers several different variations of the game to choose from.

Video Poker Classic also has a $1 table, and they let you play up to three hands at a time.

Nickel Slots

I like to play multi-line slots, and if the coin size starts too high, you can end up dumping a nice sized hunk of cash into them over the course of the night. Of course on quarter and dollar machines, when you win, you WIN! Still, if you want to make sure you get a full night’s gaming out of a limited bankroll, nickel slots can be the way to go.

Hands down, my favorite set of nickel slots is at Video Poker Classic. They have single and multi-line machines. Progressive machines, Bonus feature machines, all of which take up the whole screen. Those are my favorite kind of online slots, the ones that turn the whole computer screen into a video slot machine.

You can also find nickel slot machines that payout at: Sci-Fi Casino