How To Make A Deposit at online casinos

There used to be a time when you could simply use your credit card to make a purchase at an online casino. In the United States, things have changed. Many U.S. credit card companies no longer want their cardholders gambling online, and will not approve the transaction when players attempt to use their cards to buy chips. This doesn’t reflect on the player’s credit, and can happen to anyone, including players with great credit.

PayPal is another of the “used-to-be-able-to’s”. Paypal, since being bought by Ebay, is no longer allowing transactions for online gambling. I used to use Paypal without any problems at many online casinos and poker rooms.

Since Paypal is gone, progressive casinos have another payment option that will let you get right into the action. It is called 900Pay, and it allows you to make small purchases at the casino, and place the charge on your phone bill. This is great for casual gamblers because it gets you into the games right away. There are limits on how much you can play, but that seems like a fair tradeoff for the convenience it brings.

Make A Deposit at online casinosYou can use several third-party sources to fund casino accounts. I call them e-cash companies, and they work just like Paypal. You set up an account with them, provide some basic information, and fund your account. You then use that account to buy chips at many of the online casinos and poker rooms on the net. The most popular e-cash companies are NetTeller and Firepay. These companies, like Paypal, let you fund an account with money from your checking account, or funds from your credit card. You can then use that account to make purchases over the internet.

Even though U.S.players have difficulty using credit cards, there is an option that is only open to those with a bank account in the U.S. It is the Citadel electronic check. You simply write an “electronic check” from your checking account to the casino. The casino should have something set up to guide you through the process.

One of the newest methods of online casino banking is the PrePaid ATM card. Just like Paypal, it takes time to set up. But, once you have an account in place, you can use your ATM card at thousands of stores and ATM machines. You can also have your casino winnings placed on your ATM card, and then you can withdraw your winnings from an ATM machine!

Of course, if you are patient, there are more traditional methods of buying casino chips. Simply pay for them with a check or money order. You can even set up a wire-transfer, and move funds to your casino account that way.

Check the casino’s website because not every casino accepts every possible method of payment. And also because casinos often offer bonuses just for using a certain “preferred” banking method. If they’re willing to give me an extra 10% or 15% bonus for using Neteller or a PrePaid ATM card, I’ll take it.

One last thing to mention is that no matter how you fund your casino account, remember to always play within your means!